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Youth Programs & Events

By Creative Children's Guild, 501(c)3

Ahoy there, thank you to all of the generous sponsors and crew who helped us with the Pirate Ship! Stay tuned for new initiatives coming Q1 2016.

100% of donations go towards the causes & are tax-deductable.

About CCG

Creative Children's Guild (CCG) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has been active in both the Pacific Northwest and the Bay Area for over a decade. Our last project was seeking to restore a real replica of the tall sailing ship, the Brigantine Sultana. Moored in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has hosted over 300 pirate parties over the course of 25 years and is in need of a haul-out and re-rigging.
We are now working on developing a camp in Eastern Washington on 20 acres of wooded land for family retreats and youth nature programs.
The building of a large lodge has already commenced and more on this will come early 2016.
If you feel inclined to help our cause, whether monetary or your time, we can guarantee every dollar and minute will go back to the community.

History of Past Projects
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    The Sultana at sea

    The Brigantine Sultana many years ago in full-sail. She was completed in 1980, after 5 long years of labor-intensive craftsmanship using boat building books from the 18th cenury (we're not making this up), she was finished. No sooner had they finished, when the celebrations began.

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    The Deck

    The Brigantine Sultana is moored 12 minutes outside of San Francisco. With enough funds for a haul-out for rerigging and maintenance to once again host parties and see the sea.

  • Capt Al shooting the cannon


    We weren't joking here either. Although, to our dismay, we are missing our beloved cannon, we hope to get an extra boost in funds to have one again. Completely necessary for the pirate experience.

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    Kid's Pirate Parties

    During times of rest, the Sultana hosted many children's parties. After signing the guestbook with a feather, felt-tipped pen, they were given swords (plastic unfortunately as we're in America) and a blast

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    Inside the cabin

    No pirate ship is complete without safety from the sea.

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    The Sultana is waiting for YOU! With your help we can get her event-worthy for the current and future generations. This time with new, exciting events and opportunities for underpriveledged. The second best part, is that YOU have the opportunity to come aboard as well!

The CCG Mission

Community Building

When is the last time you met a stranger? (One that you actually liked.) Was it through an app? A fluke? At CCG, we believe that some of the best connections are right next to you and all you need is a link. Through events and community programs, we want to expand your social circle that of younger audiences. Our focus being those who are less fortunate, whether that be lack financial resources or a loss of family member.

Newfound Confidence

Guest pirates aboard can expect to learn new valuable life skills that will make you feel more prepared than a cub scout (or brownie scout) bearing WD-40 and mini weights during a boxcar derby. We're guessing many haven't tied a practical knot other than their shoelaces and that younger pirates haven't had a chance to truly explore their imaginations wielding swords like the good old days. We want to change that. We want guests to learn skills that city slickers and heck, even country folks, don't often pick up. Get an upperhand on your boring suburbian counterparts. Younger swashbuckelers will be wisked away from their pirate video games (we love video games but we also like the real thing) and onto the real thing. If that doesn't build confidence, maybe surving a plank-walk will.

Encourage Creativity

The Sultana was built from the dream of a creative 1800's wooden ship die-hard and a hardbitten crew of stereotype-breaking women and men in the late 70's. From outrageous Halloween parties many years ago, to CCG's impossibly ethnic-celebrations in the woods of Washington. Our goal is to revive the creativity that lies dormant. It will take a lot of creativity to restore the ship, but with your help it will be done!

Good Times

We believe that people, no matter what age, race, or background deserve fun and a break from the realities of life. Through social engagement and community events we hope to build positive memories in the lives of everyone, whether they're 1 or 110.

Education with Meaning

Perhaps one of the most empowering feelings in life is learning something new. Upon restoration, we plan to have workshops for people of all ages-- ranging from a variety of topics from sailing and knot tying to business workshops. By partnering with local organizations, CCG has hosted everything from

Lasting, Positive Memories

For over 10 years, Creative Children's Guild has been hosting potlucks, winter events in the woods, BBQs, holiday fastivities, and even senior socials for the elderly (whom, we must mention, are the biggest characters we've ever seen). The Britantine Sultana pirate ship, with your help, will be the new venue for these and many events to come.

Help the general fund

Meet the Crew

Captian Al

The Captian

Do as he says, not as he does. He and a crew of over a dozen self-made handi-women and men put the boat together with their own bare hands in an era that slowly, yet surely has come back in the form of tinted aviators and indie music. We only wish we were making this up. Captian Al has an arsenal of great stories of the days aboard the Sultana that are more outrageous than his monster 150lb Newfoundland dog.

Joy Karsevar

Director of Marketing and Events.

A sight to behold-- She brings the vision and life to any room and can execute a party on a dime. Having solely organized and hosted over 228 events she is a force that cannot be stopped. When Joy isn't planning a large event, she is orchestrating Creative Children's Guild initiatives, reaching out to those with limited financial resources and/or families, managing stacks of non-profit paperwork, and pitching new ideas. She has an MBA and isn't afraid to use it.

Hosting a 100th party


Social Media Manager.

Alice is a CCG volunteer and creature of the Internet. She sleeps at 3AM, conjures up ridiculous ideas, makes lists about lists, and enjoys nerding out in arcades and attempting to jump onto the dock from the Sultana alone on windy days. (This actually terrifies her but she pretends she's an Amazonian woman with no fear.) The only kitchen table she'll clean and/or wax is the Sultana's.

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